An accountable team walks the extra mile

At Lawn Elements, we invest in people who simply care more.


Always supervised.
Always accountable.

Every job is supervised. Every team member is trained to see your property with eyes wide open, looking to solve a problem or brighten a resident’s day.

We don’t haphazardly plant flowers.
We hand-select eye popping displays of color.

We don’t simply shovel.
We clear your walkways and streets 'grass to grass' and curb to curb' to keep your residents safe

We don’t just cut the grass.
We care for your landscape like it was our own.

Because better service is delivered in the details.

team member digging lawn elements team member trimming hedge

Our ecosystem of trust, built on camaraderie

Meet the supervisors committed to accountability.

Veronica Alessandro


Steven Alessandro


Eric Searles


Kate Westra

Account Manager

Augustin Zavala

Agronomy Leader

Andres Diaz-Reyes

Landscape Construction Lead

Allison Sinclair

Business Relationships

Suzanne Kumm


Darius Oszmaniec

Equipment Resource Manager

Irwin Martinez

Service Leader

Brayan Alarcon

Service Leader

Jose Martinez

Field Supervisor

Aristidez Martinez

Field Supervisor

Edwardo Ramirez

Detail Manager

Work with people who simply care more

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