Commercial snow removal services guide

A guide for commercial property owners and managers to
make sure their snow removal is safe and timely.


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The price of entry for commercial snow removal

Like all professional services, there’s “must-have” standards that define the business. With professional snow removal for commercial properties, the safety of your customers is literally on the line every time it snows.

It’s why you need to expect the following.


Detailed Snow Removal Mapping & Flagging

Mapping and flagging fire hydrants, parking areas, traffic patterns, and curbs is a given for snow removal services today.

Think about it… would you hire a snow removal service that doesn’t pre-plan and methodically map-out your property?

Most snow removal services will proudly say they map and flag as if it’s special… the truth is… it’s a professional standard… a ‘price-of-entry’.

It’s like a Professional Golfer saying he can hit the ball straight or with a draw. If you’re a golfer, you know that’s the price-of-entry when playing the PGA tour.


Trained & Experienced Snow Removal Company

Most snow removal companies will boast that their staff is fully trained and experienced with snow equipment. Well… I hope so… if not, how could they safely and reliably clear snow on a large scale and sustain their business?

A trained experienced snow removal staff is a price-of-entry for commercial property.

Th fact is…most consumers would go elsewhere or use a competitor’s service after facing an untrained and inexperienced service staff. It’s no different with your commercial snow removal services.


Commercial Grade Snow Removal Equipment

Pardon the cliché, but the right tool for the right job is the bottom line.

Any company can handle a standard 2 or 3 inch snowsnow. It’s the blizzards that always separate the pros from the amateurs.

Snow removal services must have immediate access to large plow-trucks, bob-cats, salt-sanders and push-blowers to quickly and efficiently clear your commercial property. Again, it’s the price-of-entry…not something to ‘woo’ new customers.

In Addition, be careful with the guy with a plow hitched to the front of his pick-up truck. These guys rarely, if ever, map and flag; which leads to busted curbs, mangled bushes and ripped up asphalt. In the end, it often costs you more money after the snow melts.

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Snow Removal Timing And In-Field Reliability

Beyond the ‘price-of-entry’ is the out-of-the-box thinking required for unpredictable situations. This is where true experience and knowledge comes-in.

For example; do you want to hear in the middle of a blizzard your snow removal service is late because of traffic. Or broken equipment? Of course not.

Tenants rely on property managers to clear out snow and ice immediately, so they can open for business. Timing and troubleshooting snowstorms is a serious job and requires new ideas to ensure safety while getting the job done faster.

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Proven 'Safety First' De-Icing Methods

Accidents caused by slippery ice has devastating consequences, with injuries and even the loss of life. Property owners where slip-and-falls occur pay a king’s ransom for insurance every year, and can be exposed to lawsuits.

To create the safest environment possible, a snow removal services job is not complete without applying the right ice-melting solutions. The right type, because what we use on the road is different from what we use on storefront sidewalks, and for good reason.

De-icing is a science. The goal is always to melt the ice and prevent it from forming again when the sun goes down. Understanding the science of de-icing is another element that separates the pros from the amateurs.

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