5 Ways To Alleviate Resident Landscaping Complaints With Weekly Site Inspections

Weekly site inspections alleviate resident complaints, and deliver high quality, reliable landscaping services to your HOA community.

Lawn Elements team member conducting inspection


Weekly inspections MUST be performed by supervisors, NOT crew foremen

Most landscaping company owners will manage a property through the eyes of their “foreman,” but rarely see it for themselves. But is the landscaping company forman qualified?


Quality control is only possible when your landscape company supervisor inspects the property weekly

The ability to see details comes with experience, knowledge, and time… and most importantly, with people who care about their craft. You need to find out if your landscape company actually cares about delivering quality.


Landscaping crews MUST be supervised to guarantee work quality and time management

When your landscaping company supervisor is not present on a consistent basis, landscaping crews get into habits that can lead to inefficiencies. It’s why all our landscape crews are professionally supervised. By holding our entire team accountable, it actually creates camaraderie and professional habits.


Weekly site inspections and preventive maintenance requires a proactive landscaping company, not a reactive one

With a weekly landscape inspection, you’ll experience cost savings with a proactive approach that solves problems and avoids resident complaints. Rather than waiting for the calls to pile up before taking action, a posture of continuous improvement leaves your community in better condition at all times.


Why site inspections are critical BEFORE landscape crews arrive, NOT just after they leave

Most landscape company owners don’t think to do this, and aren’t even aware of the big payoff it gives your condominium residents. With an inspection before, it gives crews an actionable plan to take care of any issues proactively.