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In the Lawn Elements Promise

Get Better Services

  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Snow & Ice Management
  • Lawn Care Programs
  • Tree Spraying
  • Landscape Design & Build
  • Seasonal Color Displays
  • Masonry
  • Water Management
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How Lawn Elements Will Serve You Better

We understand how communities like yours work... We understand the politics, what it needs in terms of landscape maintenance and lawn care, what your residents’ expectations are, how snow removal should be performed, and how to stay within budget.

We can offer you the following:

TRUE 24/7 Customer Service - Reach us via phone, text, email, & Facebook

Certified Trained Staff - Our team is better-trained & consistently supervised on-site

Our Price-Promise Guarantee - We are cost-conscious and work within budgets, which allows our clients to adhere to their fiscal spending plan

Detail-Oriented Service - Simply put, we pay attention to the minutiae that other companies don’t

Your Total Outdoor Solution - Being the landscape maintenance company to handle ALL aspects of service

Quick & Easy Process by Employing Proprietary Systems of Management:

  • Direct Vendor Response
  • Supervised Landscaping
  • Fanatical Communication 

The Lawn Elements Promise

  • BETTER Customer Service
  • BETTER Solutions
  • BETTER Communication
  • BETTER Vendor Communication
  • BETTER Benefits
  • BETTER Guarantee
  • BETTER Training
  • BETTER Systems

OUR GOAL is to always GET BETTER! We promise to try harder than ANY company you have ever worked with!

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A Better Process

  1. Walkthrough with Board and/or Managing Agent
  2. Listen, Listen, and then Listen some more!!!
  3. Set Landscaping Goals for Community
  4. Set Clear Routes of Communication
  5. Calendar of Events for Landscaping Activities
  6. Weekly Checklist for Maintenance Crew
  7. Supervise Crews to Ensure Quality Control
  8. Meetings with Team to discuss Community
  9. Ongoing Training for Crew Leaders and Staff to Correct Anyistakes and Keep Everyone’s Skills On-Point
  10. Monthly, Weekly or Bi-weekly HOA Meetings to Discuss the community Progress/Goals

Better Customer Service

  • 24/7 Access via Cell Phone, Text and/or Email
  • We are Attentive to Your Needs
  • Video Email Responses
  • Weekly HOA Meetings
  • Work Order System
  • Calendar of Events
  • Weekly Walkthrough
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Proven Landscaping Support Methods Save You Fanatical Communication Time, Money, and Aggravation

Fanatical Communication

Stop landscaping issues before they become problems. Easy to talk to customer support for solving problems, getting answers, and receiving better landscaping service.

Direct Vendor Response

Proprietary set of processes and procedures that ensure proper communication between vendors.

Supervised Landscaping

Quality standards in workmanship is predictable when your landscape company has proper supervision and proper training.

Client Portal & Mobile App

Never have to guess or waste time asking about scheduling. Our client portal puts your entire maintenance schedule at your fingertips.

  • Your Lawn Elements Service Calendar
  • Your Easy To Use Work Order Manager
  • Direct and Timely Access to Lawn Elements
  • Important, Always Up To Date Contacts Exclusive
  • Client Benefits
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More Attention to Detail

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It’s all about the details!!

Whether it’s a simple task like:

“blowing away from the units” so debris doesn’t fly into people’s houses, making sure the mailboxes are clear of snow and ice or removing dead stalks from the perennials...

Simple tasks like this can have the greatest impact!!

Better Snow Removal

  • Over 29 Years Experience
  • Snow Removal equipment to suit any size storm
  • Salt Applications for roadways
  • Pre-Treatment of Roadways & Walkways
  • Loader & Bobcat Work
  • Pre-Storm Mapping
  • Snow Blowers for Walkways
  • Continuous snow removal throughout each snow event
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Correcting Your Soil’s pH

Landscaping isn’t just a service... it’s a science

Scientific Approach

Correcting the soil’s pH will not only make your lawn look better, but it will save you money because so much of the fertilizer you put down is wasted when your soil’s pH is NOT at optimum levels.

According to studies conducted by Delalio Sod Farms:
  • Soil pH of 4.5 = 71% of fertilizer wasted
  • Soil pH of 5.0 = 54% of fertilizer wasted
  • Soil pH of 5.5 = 33% of fertilizer wasted
  • Soil pH of 6.0 = 20% of fertilizer wasted
  • Soil pH of 7.0 = 0% of fertilizer wasted

Make sure to get your soil tested every year so yocan effectively diagnose exactly what yoneed and to ensure your lawn takes in 100% of the fertilizer yoput down

A Vision for Your Community

  • A well-manicured lawn
  • Clean flower beds and lines
  • Edging on all the sidewalks is clean and crisp
  • Bushes are trimmed properly and timely
  • Clean-ups are done thoroughly and timely
  • Snow removal is done professionally, efficiently, timely and SAFELY!!
  • Higher Property Value!!

Proven Track Record


View Our Work

Supervised Landscaping Crews
Dedicated Project Managers

Enjoy a single point of contact and progress reports that keep you informed.

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Weekly Site Inspections

Every week, you’ll know what was accomplished and what we noticed that needs to be addressed in the future.

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Monthly Progress reports & Beautification Plans

A monthly report to highlight the progress
of your community’s landscape.


What if your HOA residents could contact us directly?

Some communitys are self managed, so to help save you time, we offer HOA communities an option for residents to contact us directly with requests.

It often leads to faster response times and happier residents. Reach out to explore if it’s the right solution for you.

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How we’re built differently

Lawn Elements was built on real-world insights into the biggest problems facing associations.

Fanatical Communication

Goodbye, empty promises. You'll enjoy impeccable communication, paired with seamless, time-saving technology to deliver better service.

Crew Accountability

Every crew is trained and supervised. Nobody rides solo. With more eyes on your property, problems are proactively solved and residents are pleased.

Rapid Response

We put people first. We respond to requests quickly and efficiently. We also offer HOA communities the option to have residents contact us directly.

Explore how FANATICAL COMMUNICATION can elevate the landscaping experience in your community

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