Maidstone Landing

With 1,400 feet of beachfront on Long Island Sound, Maidstone Landing is known for “Easy Living on the North Folk.” With 46 acres of natural beauty, the landscaping needed to measure up.


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  • Tree and Shrub Care
  • Snow Removal Services
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  • Seasonal Color Displays 
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Our residents expect exceptional care, and Lawn Elements has delivered. Our community is surrounded by natural beauty and the landscape needs to reflect how unique it is.”
Riverhead, NY
maidstone landing overlooking the ocean

Landscaping a community in a world of its own

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Sound, Maidstone Landing is a distinctive community where many owners spend their summers.

With 46 acres of hilly terrain prone to fungus and blight, the landscape presents unique challenges.

In search of a new landscape partner with greater attention to detail and stronger communication, the board visited other communities under the care of Lawn Elements and immediately saw the difference.

Lawn Elements was awarded a 4 year contract. Every year, the landscape is more and more beautiful, to reflect its distinct surroundings.

two lawn element employees weeding at maidstone landing

Landscaping solutions on the Long Island Sound

grass at maidstone landing overlooking ocean


Residents weren’t happy with the grass.


We immediately took a soil sample and dialed in a new lawn care program. Dandelions became a relic of the past and lawns became beautiful again.


An invasive grass installed by the builder spread throughout the community. The HOA was frustrated.


We communicated to every resident what was required. First, we applied a herbicide to kill the invasive grass, followed by a process of reseeding and topsoil. Today, it's stunning.

maidstone landing patio overlooking ocean

About Maidstone Landing





Distinctive Condominium Community

82 semi-detached homes on 46 acres

A Tranquil Pond, 1,400 feet of beachfront,

Tennis Courts, Clubhouse, Saltwater Pool

See if the grass is greener on the other side

Expect more from your landscaping company.

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